PTDQ Fees 2020 / 2021


Accreditation Fees


Standard Centre Accreditation                                                                                         Free

Standard Centre Renewal                                                                                                  Free


Standard is when a centre has been compliant throughout or have had no issues with other awarding bodies. If we need to visit or complete an enhanced remote audit, then we charge £395.00 per audit.


Qualifications and Awards


Centre awards   (all categories include certificate and registration)                          £15.00 each

50 pre-registered centre awards, 7 Free (2 years to use)                                           £645.00

100 pre-registered centre awards, 15 Free (2 years to use)                                        £1275.00


Other Charges

Remote IQA fee per sample                                                                                              £80.00

Visit from IQA for sample to observations                                                                      £220.00

Check of exam materials, presentations, books if not approved by PTDQ               £100.00

Replacement Certificate                                                                                                    £15.00

Appeal Fee (refunded if centre successful)                                                                    £150.00

Visit Audit due to risk, failed audit, malpractice, complaint etc                                 £395.00

Webinars standardization, training updates online                                                      Free

Face to face standardization, training updates online                                                  £59.00  From

Standard termination of centre agreement fee                                                            Free


Centres can leave at any time without a fee, with the exception a centre has had in the last 3 years an amber risk rated audit, an investigation due to malpractice, complaint or been with us for leas than 3 years. We will charge an exit fee of £495.00  


Centres that register less than 25 learners a year will be classed as higher risk and will require an enhanced audit each year.