Become an Accredited PTDQ Centres 

4 Reasons to Choose PTDQ 

“Our Different approaches make our qualification very popular with all industry sectors. Benefit from lower fees for complaint centre with a friendly supportive team”

Professional Training and Development Qualification (PTDQ) are different to other regulating bodies, below is Four Reasons why:

Reduced Costs (More Value for you!)

No initial or annual accreditation fee if you remain active & complaint.

Learners certificate fees from just £3.00 a learner, if you are buying in bulk.

Discounts for loyal customers, saving compliant centres potently £1000’s.

Over 100 Courses, Qualifcations and Services


An ever-growing portfolio of qualifications, we are always introducing new qualifications.

Why not design your own and certificate through us to offer your customers a more bespoke?

Full recognised qualifications with flexible training, assessing methods and verification strategies.

Leading Customer Care

Full support from qualification experts our email & telephone contact is typically 8 am to 10 pm, longer than most awarding organisations.

Our customers rate us as good to excellent based on over 3000 customers surveyed.

Great Support Including Longer Opening Hours

Experts available to help you succeed at every step including supportive quality assurance.

Administration has been simplified to make it easier to process all round. We aim to process all certificates within 24 hours. 

Fulfil your due diligences with strong robust regulated qualifications.

Become a Centre

The Accreditation in 4 Easy Steps


Step 1 – Complete the application form in full including trainer’s details. Enclose copies of the trainer’s qualifications, CV. Add a copy of your current public liability insurance.   


Step 2 – Enclose the following procedures and policies.  

Please note we can provide a template if needed, just fill in your details and you are ready to go! 

  • Complaints
  • Appeals
  • Reasonable Adjustments
  • Malpractice
  • Equality / Equal Opportunities
  • Safeguarding
  • Quality Assurance
  • Contingency Statement
  • Data Protection Statement
  • Health & Safety (Minimum a Statement)


Step 3 – Read and sign the centre agreement document.


Step 4 – Email us using the link below, the full application or you can send to us via


Its PTDQ Policy to have a decision within 72 hours for most accreditation applications.

Feedback from Centres 

I was so sceptical that an awarding body would offer free accreditation initially and on an annual basis. We have been accredited by PTDQ for over 5 years and have not had to pay any accreditation fees, we are just paying for our certificates. It is so easy to have the certificates processed and courses verified.  PTDQ are so easy to deal with and have been very flexible to our organisation. I delivered a course on a Sunday and I was able to get immediate support from them, unlike other awarding bodies we are accredited through.  

Training Manager of Local Council

Great concept its so easy thanks PTDQ. You are so professional, and the support is first class, 7 days a week even in the evenings and weekends!

I hate copious unnecessary paperwork; your administrations are simple and very easy to complete and do not become a burden to me as a course trainer. Certificates are extremely fast and always accurate. Highly recommended.

Trainer from Large UK Business

After using a few awarding bodies, its refreshing to find a body that cares about the centre and not just imposing hidden costs to the centres. Our learners love the courses provided by PTDQ as they have simplified assessments and very friendly administration systems.  

CEO of National Training Company