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Accreddited PTDQ Centres 

“Our Different approaches make our qualification very popular with all industry sectors. Benefit from lower fees for complaint centre with a friendly supportive team”

Professional Training and Development Qualification (PTDQ) are different to other regulating bodies, below is Four Reasons why:

Reason One

Reduced Costs 

No initial or annual accreditation fee as long as you remain active & complaint.

Learners certificate fees from just £3.00 a learner, if you are buying in bulk.

Discounts for loyal customers, saving compliant centres potently £1000’s.

Reason Two 

Over 40 Qualifications

An ever growing portfolio of qualifications, we are always introding new qualifcations.

Why not design your own and certificate through us to offer your customers a more bespoke.

Full recognised qualifications with flexible training, assessing methods and verification strategies

Reason Three

Customer Services 

Full support from qualification experts our email & telephone contact is typically 8 am to 10 pm, longer than most awarding organisations.

Our customers rate us as good to excellent based on over 3000 customer surveyed.

Reason Four 

Comprehensive Support 

Experts available to help you succeed at every step including supportive quality assurance.

Administration has been simplfied to make it easier to process all round. We aim to process all certificates with in 24 hours. 

Fulfil your due-diligence’s with strong robust regulated qualifications.

Become a Centre

PTDQ 5 Steps to Becoming a Centre

A. Email PTDQ your initial interest of becoming an accredited PTDQ licence centre .  PTDQ will email you a new centres pack 

The pack will contain full details of becoming a centre, the documents to complete and return. 


Email Your Interest Here to Become a PTDQ Centre 


B. PTDQ has made it easy to get accredited to be a licences centre by producing 5 simple steps.

Follow the 5 steps to becoming a licence centre. We have highlighted in the steps below in red eh documents you will need to return from the new centre pack to us. 

Accreditation is free on your initial application.  We will renew you for free if you are fully complaint throughout the year, and have spend £249.00 with us on certification fees.  If you have not been fully active we will charge you a fee of only £99 this covers the administration costs. Any centre that are non-compliant will have to pay the current rate for renewal and a visiting audit to make sure they have become complaint. 

Non-complaint will be charged for the support they need to put it right. Please read all polices, procedures and agreement before applying.

Support in the process please email or telephone us click here 


Step 1 – complete the centre application form

New centre pack documents to complete Centre Application Form  

complete the centre application form

Step 2 – Centre complete the required polices

New centre pack documents to complete Centre Polices Templates Document 

Centre must complete the required polices, we have put together an:

exemplar document for polices for you to add your centre name and complete and specific details to the centre.  However if you have your own policies and procedures you can use them as long as the are sufficient. 

Policies and Procedures Required are:

  • Complaints Procedure
  • Appeals Procedure
  • Reasonable Adjustments
  • Malpractice Policy
  • Safeguarding Policy
  • Conflicts of Interests Policy
  • Health & Safety including risk assessments
  • Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Internal Quality Assurance Policy
  • Centre Contingency Planning Policy 

Step 3 - Complete you staff details

New centre pack documents to complete Centre Staff Overview 


Centre to complete staff document oviewview as well as send copies of all certificates and CV’s. 

Step 4 - Complete the centre agreement

New centre pack documents to complete Centre Agreement that is part of the application form. 


Read & understand our centre agreemencomplete & sign it

Step 5 – Send your application

Step 5 – email your application securely to approvals@ptdq.co.uk,

if file is larger than 10 mb we recommend you using the following free secure upload up to 2 GB. www.wetransfere.com.

We aim to have all accreditation applications reviewed with in 28 working days.