Welcome to PTDQ Professional Care Training Programme  

Unique Professional Care Trainer Programme as we are fully externally regulated by PTDQ and offer as standard the Ofqual Level 3 Award in Education and training. We are proud of our leading Professional care Trainer Programme, delivered by industry experts.


Professional Care Trainer Synopsis


This programme has been designed to train Care Staff to be able to deliver their own mandatory Care training at high standards and in the same process take control of their training, reducing the costs, in some case by over 50%.

Our Care Trainer Programme incorporates Ofqual Level 3 Award in Education and Training and is fully regulated by an independent awarding body, Professional Training & Development Qualifications (PTDQ).  PTDQ is renowned for being one of the leading Care Trainer programmes in the UK and beyond. 

You will get full training, allocated a mentor so you can succeed at every step, as well as use of our resources and support materials. This programme is amazing value and of leading quality.

Who’s should attend:


The great thing about this programme it is designed for all levels within the Care Sector. We are passionate about giving the Care industry more control of higher quality mandatory training and giving them great savings and discounts on their yearly training budget, so they can spend it in over desperately needed areas.  

Anyone who works in the care industry

Anyone who works in the care industry and is seeking fully recognised (Ofqual) qualification in teaching to further their professional development and career.  Any Care staff trainers that are looking for fully regulated qualification that meet Skills for Care guidelines.

Care Management:

Any Care management that wants to take control of their own training and know the trainer is fully qualified and competent and will meet their due diligence in the event of incident or investigation.


Professional Care Trainer Programme


Our programme has been developed over several years by industry experts to Care and Education.  Our Professional care Trainer programme will take, staff working in the Care Industry with no training experience or with some training experience through the Ofqual Accredited Level 3 Education & Training and PTDQ Care Trainer Programme certificate.

 Our Professional care Trainer programme is a 4-day programme, delivered by industry experts with over 30 years’ experience with Care and Education.

 Day 1 and Day 2 – Training for the Level 3 Award Education and training:  

Our industry expert, who is a full member of society of Education and Training (MSET) will take you through all the theory assignments and practical elements, you will be given time to prepare the assignments and practical assessments ready for your final assessment. During the two days we will guide you through all the elements of being an excellent competent teacher as well as lesson planning, schemes of works, using teaching methods, engaging learners, and delivering a session.

Day 3 and Day 4 (AM)

Care Trainer Module:  Our industry experts will take you through the requirements for delivering Care Training including Mandatory Care Training, including the Care Certificate and Optional Care Training.  We will take you through all the resources, administration, and requirements. On completion of the module, you will be more than competent to deliver Care Training.

Day 4 Assessments (Afternoon): 

Our Expert assessors will put you at ease and guide you through the assessment and assist you in being certificated as competent trainer. We will allocate some time for 1 to 1 with your trainer, assessor, or mentor to help you succeed.

On completion of the Professional care Trainer Certificate, you will be able to deliver with confidence at a high standard all your companies Mandatory and optional Care Training. PTDQ will allocate you for free of charge a mentor for you to speak, email, message for help and support, once you have passed, we will not leave you, unlike most others.

Day 5 – Optional Units (First Aid and Manual Handling of People)