Polices, Procedures & Charters

Polices, Procedures & Charters

In this section we have listed our main polices in the public domain. Centres have access to all our polices and procedures in their exclusive centre portal. 

Complaints Policy

Should you have a complaint, comment, grievance about your Professional Training & Development Qualifications (PTDQ) centre or you are have reason to complain about Professional Training & Development Qualifications (PTDQ) services provided then follow the following procedure.
For complaints from centres concerning Professional Training & Development Qualifications (PTDQ) , you should follow stage one straight away.
Learners registered at our centres Prior to contacting Professional Training & Development Qualifications (PTDQ) you should follow the Professional Training & Development Qualifications (PTDQ) centre’s complaints procedure. Once you have reach the stage it can be referred to the awarding body then please follow this procedure: Please note we can only assist learners with complaints & grievances if they are registered with the Professional Training & Development Qualifications (PTDQ) centre as a learner or staff.
Stage 1
Contact Professional Training & Development Qualifications (PTDQ) by using the email link on page
Please be clear who you are complaining about. Send us all previous correspondence from the centre and your correspondence to the centre. Give a full outline of the issues and reasons for complaints. We will conduct a full investigation and will give you an resolution within 28 days (depending on third parties communication with us).
If we cannot resolve with in the 28 days we will update you fully with the reasons and give an time frame to do so (this may be down do un cooperating of third parties etc) Professional Training & Development Qualifications (PTDQ) Centres are expected to return correspondence to us with in 48 hours, however this can be extended to 7 days if they notify us and are conducting investigations.

Stage 2
If the person or centre complaining is still dissatisfied they need to following our appeals policy.

Appeals Policy

If you are unhappy with a decision or outcome from Professional Training & Development Qualifications (PTDQ), then centres or Learners wishing to make an appeal must do so within 7 (seven) days of receiving the reason for appeal ie result, outcome or decision from PTDQ.

Please note at each appeal stage there is a fee for the appeal that is refundable in full if appeal is successful.

Stage 1
Forward full details and reason for your appeal to the appeals manager, using email on link on this page. This must be done with in 7 seven days. The centre will be responsible for paying the appropriate appeals fees for them or learners and this will be refunded if the appeal is deemed to be successful to the centre.

Centre Manager or Learner must initiate the appeal and include:

·full centre details
·the learners details
·Centre Staff details
·PTDQ staff details
·outline of the issue
·the reason why an appeal should be considered.
·Supporting evidence of the appeal

PTDQ will conduct a full investigation and give a reply with in 28 days. If parties are not responding to us in the time frame we require from them to conclude the appeal we successfully we may extend at our description however will inform the parties involved and reasons why.
Centre must give any learners or staff access to appeals and will be sanctioned severely if you do not take any appeal serious without good evidence not to.

Stage 2

Appeals Panel we be a minimum of two members of staff independent of the appeal this will include the senior team.

If learners or centre remain dissatisfied with the decision and wish to challenge the outcome of Stage 1, then they are required to appeal in writing to the Professional development Qualifications Appeals panel within 7 (seven) working days of the Stage 1 process notification date from PTDQ, an addition fee may be charged (fully refundable of stage one and stage two fees, if appeal successful.
The email must include reasons why you are still unhappy with the appeal decision and support evidence that clearly shows PTDQ have made the wrong decision.

The appeal panel will conduct a full investigation within 28 days and inform the centre or parties involved of the outcome. If any parties do not respond to communication from the appeals office then the appeal may be granted against them.

Stage 3
If still unresolved, PTDQ will refer to an outside independent agency to mediate. To initiate this part please email as below: Unsuccessful appeals at this stage will incur the full fee of the independent company plus a further fees from PTDQ.

Privacy including GDPR Policy

Privacy Policy

By submitting your details you are indicating your consent to receiving information (including email and/or mobile marketing messages) from the PTDQ and their associated groups, its members and commercial partners as set out in our privacy policy below.

Your privacy is important to us. This privacy policy describes the information we collect about you as a user of this website, how this information is used, and how you can opt-out of certain types of processing. In the UK, we operate and are registered in accordance with applicable data protection legislation. By using this website you are consenting to the use of your information as set out in this privacy policy.

What personal information do we collect and why?

We may collect personal information from you (such as your name, address, mobile number or email address) when you sign up for email newsletters or send emails to us. Please do not submit your personal information to us if you do not wish us to collect it.

Data Security All information you provide to us is stored on our secure servers or in secure filing systems. Unfortunately, the transmission of information via the internet is not completely secure. Although we will do our best to protect your personal data, we cannot guarantee the security of your data transmitted to us via the internet; any transmission is at your own risk. Once we have received your information, we will use strict procedures and security features to try to prevent unauthorised access.
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Import Please Read
If you do not wish us to have your personal data, hold your personal data or keep you must informed PTDQ,

Please note due to spam we have removed email for contacting, please contact us via customers link to the left and above on this page

Customer Charter

Professional Training & Development Qualifications PTDQ excels to offer exceptional levels of customer services. We aim to be the markets leading in customer care, support and dedication in awarding qualifications and training providing. We set out to do this by enforcing the following polices

1.You will get from PTDQ the upmost respected, care and individual attention. We will listen to you and do all in our control to resolve any issues or answer any questions.

2.We aim to answer your telephone call within 5 rings or have an automatic answer machine to take you telephone call. All answer phone messages will be returned in 24 hours or less.

3.All emails will be acknowledged within one hour and replied to within 24 hours.

4.Will reply to any mail within 72 hours. Please note our preferred contact is email for speed and efficiency and may email an attachment of the reply.

5.We will listen to you and ask for feedback improving our services and development our products.

6.We will take care of your personal data and items sending to PTDQ.

7.We will go the extra mile to make sure our learners and centres have an exceptional positive experience.

8.We will treat everyone equal and not discriminate in any way.

9.We respect those that respect us, we treat those that care about our organisation with the up most respect. Those that don’t care about us will not be respected or tolerated at PTDQ. Following our high standards of quality assurance gains our respect.

10.Customer services available more days and hours than a standards awarding office to support and care for the customer.


Payments & Bookings Terms & Conditions

Payment Terms & Invoicing

When approved centres and customers spend money with us we give them an invoice so they can pay this as per the terms.

Official Account Set up by PTDQ

All centres will receive an account with Professional Training & Development Qualifications (PTDQ) when they start their accreditation. The account will have the terms that all invoices should be settled in full in 28 days of the issue of the invoice. All invoices must be disputed in writing by email no later than 10 days after the issue date. All payments must be made by bank transfer to the account listed on PTDQ invoice.
PTDQ will not send any overdue invoice reminders they will proceed to the late payment terms on the invoice and in this policy.

Late Payment or Breaching of Official account Terms

If any centres make late payments and they are authorised in writing by PTDQ then their account privileges will be withdrawn and all invoices have to be settled prior to services being received.

If invoices remain unpaid or we initiate the late payment clauses in this policy and on the invoice we will suspend the centre from operating. Late Payments Details – All invoices are sent out on the basis that no further reminders or confirmation it is overdue are sent to the centre. After the payment becomes late your account will automatically be forwarded to our solicitor’s debt recovery team, see below for minimum fees to be imposed to the invoice.
The following charges will be added to late payments at the appropriate stage of proceedings – 25% of invoice value as an administration fee plus recovery costs of a minimum of £90 depending on invoice value.
If the invoice still remains unpaid then we will pursue through small claims and will add these costs to the invoice include PTDQ costs to attend. Unpaid invoices will automatically suspend the Centre. Suspension fee as per our latest fees list will be added to the cost of the invoice. Suspensions will only be lifted on clearance of invoice and suspension fee.

Ownership of Goods & Services from PTDQ

Certification, services and other goods will remain the property of Professional Training & Development Qualifications (PTDQ) until for clearance of relevant invoice(s). Professional Training & Development Qualifications (PTDQ) reserve the right to recall certificates if been issued or cancel them if invoices have not been cleared in full.

Full Terms & Conditions for Centres and Staff

Centres will be required to sign and agree to the PTDQ centre agreement before being confirmed as an fully accredited centre.

This will be given to all potential centres to read, understand and sign prior to the centres application being considered by PTDQ.

This document is legally binding and will be in place to protect the professional integrity of qualifications and learners experience.