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Our Services 

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Bespoke Course Programmes 

You have the qualification idea, however no one is running it, this is why PTDQ have a team of experts that can take your Idea and make it into a regulated qualification for you to offer your customers. 

If you feel a new qualification would benefit your customers or our other centres contact the qualifications team by emailing qualifications@ptdq.co.uk

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Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) Cover 

If you are in need of an Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) then as a recognised centre with PTDQ with offer a service, that we have a list of qualified and experienced IQA, exclusively available to PTDQ centres. Just email us and we will send you the list. 

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PTDQ have a consultancy that is available to support new and existing centres of PTDQ and other awarding bodies. PTDQ offer a range of consultancy services from gaining accreditation, maintaining accreditation, training provider development, professional integrity support and qualification development. For more information please contact customer services.