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Centre Support Programme


PTDQ Centre Support Programme 


Introduction to Our Centre Programme 

Our centre support programme has been describe by centre as amazing as we truly want you to succeed. We have been victims, experiencing awarding bodies pretending to care about your business and learners, all they really wanted is the money, this is where we so differ from those bodies that operate in that way.

We want you to succeed like most of our centres do, become the best and provide the best learning experiences for your learners, in the same process protecting the professional integrity and uphold quality assurance.

Our programme has been developed by leading quality assurances and industry specialists and  is designed for you to succeed and be supported, mentored and developed in to leading providers.


Components of the Development Programme 

The main programme components consist of 

  • Excellent centre mentoring 
  • Supportive Staff 
  • CPD Programme 
  • Regular Webinars 
  • Conferences 
  • Exclusive Centre Resources Portal

Please see sections on this page for more information.

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 Centre Mentoring 

All centres have access to our mentor team, our team have a wealth of knowledge and experience including running centres and working as External Quality Assurance.

Mentors are here to support you in administration, marketing, quality assurance and all aspects of centre development.

To contact your mentor just email mentor@ptdq.co.uk

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Supportive Staff 

PTDQ policy is to offer a supportive team to help you succeed in providing exceptional quality throughout. We allocated mentors to support centres in all aspects of running a centre from marketing through to success auditing.

Our EQA are here to support you and help you get things to the highest standard we desire, we prefer not to sanction unless its last resort.

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CPD Programme 

Our CPD programmes includes a range of Webinars, face to face support meetings, conferences and online learning. To support your centres development we have set a target of CPD points 

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PTDQ aims to run 2 conference a year in different geographical locations.

Our conference run over 6 hours and include full hospitality of refreshments and lunch. The day starts with an update from PTDQ Senior team followed by a serious of great informative workshops. AS well as a great value day we aim to offer you a great conference goodies to keep.

PTDQ centres and their guest will get a generous discount and count towards CPD for the year. 

Please email conferences@ptdq.co.uk to be sent details of the dates and keep a look out for our emails and website & social media posts for details. 

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Regular Webinars 

We aim to run a at least 6 webinars a year, these range from 30 minutes to longer. The aim of this webinars are to update centres and to inform them of changes to qualifications, process and procedures. AS part of PTDQ commitment to the centres we allow a question and answer session and interactive session for centres.

Our webinars count towards your centres CPD requirements each year and are run free for centres.

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Exclusive Resources Portal

Accredited centres receive exclusive login to our centres portal. On being accepted as an accredited centre you will be given login details.

This secure portal has all qualification specifications, support resources, power-points, assessment records, centre documents, guidance materials and multimedia.

Just login at www.ptdq.co.uk/portal